Thinking Outside The Box

Pre-production: Whether you have an idea of your own or need a little help from us, Alasandro Brix Films fully supports a well thought out project. We believe efficient preparation creates effective productions. 

Production: Production has many meanings for Alasandro Brix. We work on a wide spectrum of projects. Depending on what our clients need, we pull out all the stops to bring the right equipment and crew to the table so you get the final product you deserve.

Post-production: We can accommodate any post-production request. We have multiple projects running, wouldn’t you like yours to be one of them? 

Latest Projects

“A Missed Moment”

Short Film


Using light and a technically trained eye, Alasandro captures your work as you intend it to be viewed. His eye for detail and personable nature has led to opportunities shooting a wide range of subjects, from commercial products, to portraiture and special events. No matter the task, he puts his all into creating work he is proud of and his clients love.